Monday, March 28, 2011

Aurifil Threads

As we continue planning the Blogger's Quilt Market MeetUp we want to thank our awesome sponsors for enhancing this event.  First off, we want to thank Alex at Aurifil Threads for his support. 
I personally use Aurifil cones in my own piecing and I LOVE them.  They last forever. (Alex, could you please invent a bobbin that will last as long?)  Aurifil has many different kinds of thread including Invisible, Wool, and Cotton in multiple weights.  All in an AMAZING range of colors. Watch the helpful Pat Sloan demo video on this page for explanations of which thread works best for which project.

To learn more about Auriful theads and to see the range of colors and products available visit the Aurifil webpage, Aurifil Buzz blog, Flickr, or like them on Facebook for lots of giveaway scoops.  Need help finding Auriful threads closest to you? There's an App for that. Alex also has a FREE Storefinder App here.

We will also have 5,000+ yard cones to giveaway the night of the Quilt Market Meet-up!!
Thanks Aurifil!


Cathy said...

These pictures are gorgeous! I tried Aurifil for the first time recently, and was surprised that I could actually really like thread!

Anonymous said...

You have thread to give away to regular Jane's who attend Market? I thought you had to be a shop owner attend market. How can you get into market and not own a shop? I'd love to win new stuff or see the new releases!!!

amy smart said...

Yes, you do have to be a vendor to attend Market. This event is held the same weekend as Market in SLC, but is completely separate from Market itself. Anyone can attend! And we do have thread + other giveaways for those who do! :)